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The SENSORIA Summer School (SENSUS 2009) will give attendees a comprehensive overview on service engineering methods and tools developed within the SENSORIA EU FP6 project. SENSORIA proposes a model-driven approach for the entire development cycle of service-oriented applications and infrastructures including the design, formal analysis, deployment and re-engineering of services. The summer school will present visual modeling techniques, behavioral and performance analysis methods, reconfigurable service infrastructures, deployment and re-engineering techniques. The summer school will also provide some insight into state-of-the-art industrial techniques in the rapidly developing SOA field.

The School is organised by the Department of Measurement and Information Systems of Budapest University of Technology and Economics, in association with SENSORIA, a 6th Framework Programme project.
See GLOBAN 2006 and GLOBAN 2008 for the two previous summer schools associated with SENSORIA. This event is listed at the Computer Science Event List,

The School is held between 29 June - 3 July in Keszthely, Hungary.


Home exercise

In order to receive ECTS credits, students are required to submit a solution to one home exercise by 15 July to sensus09 AT mit DOT bme DOT hu. The exercises are associated with the following topics:

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